Hannah Johnson, The BCMA & C2C.

An open letter, some interesting responses….

There have certainly been some interesting points of view and opinions expressed in the last few of weeks. Country singer Hannah Johnson from Hannah Johnson and The Broken Hearts (Birmingham) has definitely caused a stir in the UK Country scene.

The Musician has raised important questions regarding the transparency of the BCMA (British Country Music Association) an organization representing the scene. Simple questions have remained unanswered from a growing number of musicians and fans.

Commonly asked questions asked included: “How many members does the BCMA have?”, “How is somebody is selected or elected onto the board ?”, “How do you become Director? ” When does the Director step down?”.

The BCMA responded over four weeks ago by saying that they “will be making a full statement of facts in due course”.

There are two sides to every story and it may be the case that the BCMA is growing so fast that it simply can’t keep track of how many members they have, it has also been suggested that perhaps this is a PR stunt by Hannah Johnson to get more attention. Did Hannah Johnson not get her way ? Has the BCMA got something to hide ?

The BCMA said it “is committed to supporting the very best UK and International country musicians”. The idea of the Organization is extremely admirable, trying to raise awareness of the scene something we really need. Perhaps they are just having a few teething problems they need to sort out as the scene evolves and expands. Running any organization like this is bound to be harder work than most people realize.

The BCMA has a section about how the BCMA awards are conducted providing all important transparency on this issue. Perhaps another page on how its run would solve the matter. EDIT *We have been assured this will be coming soon.* *Reports say recent communications with the BCMA have been quick and questions were answered*.

Transparency of organizations is very important in today’s modern age.

Hannah Johnson has also raised an interesting point about the Country 2 Country event. C2C is not paying British acts and only putting them on the small stages outside. This certainly is a very sad fact to hear.

Chris Logan expressed that it was a good opportunity for him and he managed to recoup costs from the PRS royalties he received from the performance.

What do you think ? Is C2C taking British Country Artists for granted ? Is the exposure of C2C worth it ?



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